Wendy Millar

Founder & CEO

I am Wendy Millar, Founder and CEO of Luxurium Spa.
I'm a highly self-motivated, dedicated and excellence driven individual, underpinned by a wealth of entrepreneurial experiences obtained in the United Kingdom. I Enjoy doing altruistic deeds and strive on the strong regimen that holistic health and beauty are the founding pillars of purity and longevity.

From a very young age I became quite conscious of my uniquely keen ability to create and preserve beauty in others, and a firm believer in transcending magnificence into the tiniest detail of any venture. This sense of rectitude has since been an embodiment of all my innovative achievements, including my previously owned establishment - Souse London, UK.
Here at Luxurium Spa my vision is to create an oasis of pure luxury indulgence sourced from many years of learning and appreciating this industry.